Upgrading Your Online Website Application to Drupal 6.x (Wrox Briefs)

Upgrading Your Online Website Application to Drupal 6.x (Wrox Briefs)

This Wrox Blox shows you how to perform a complete upgrade from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6 for a simple but non-trivial Drupal site involving the Drupal core itself, and several indispensable modules.  The author gives step-by-step instructions for carrying out this upgrade, outlining the best practices to be followed. These include the recommendation of using a test site in conjunction with a subversion repository for version control and deployment to production.   He also provides sources for gaining insight into any pitfalls, and other detailed information that might be necessary to complete the upgrade.  Readers will find a thoroughly realistic approach here, featuring real-world use of both the views and og modules, for example, and the presentation of new tools, such as the Devel module, including its Firebug-like theming inspection facilities.  This Wrox Blox will help developers squarely face all of the issues involved with upgrading from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6.

Table of Contents

Shifting Everything Over to a Test Site 2

Update Everything to the Latest Drupal 5.x version 3

Module Inventory for the Online Literary Workshop 3

Preparatory Steps before the Point of No Return 4

Physically Replacing the Drupal 5 Contributed Modules 4

Update the Drupal Core and Run the Update Script 5

Solving Problems with Organic Groups 7

Escaped PHP Showing Up in My Groups View 7

Group Home Pages No Longer Showing the Group’s Posts 11

Getting the Old Views Back 15

Installing the Advanced Help Module 17

Upgrading Your Zen Theme to Drupal 6.x 18

The All New Devel Module 20

Committing and Deploying to the Test Site 23

Summary 24

About Victor Kane 25


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