The Hosted Desktop Revolution – Coming of age in a digital way

The Hosted Desktop Revolution – Coming of age in a digital way

The Hosted Desktop Revolution – Coming of age in a digital way

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Home Page > Computers > Information Technology > The Hosted Desktop Revolution – Coming of age in a digital way

The Hosted Desktop Revolution – Coming of age in a digital way

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Posted: Sep 25, 2009 |Comments: 0




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The Hosted Desktop Revolution – Coming of age in a digital way

By: Wolfgang Dedollero

About the Author

Wolgang, is a business consultant and director of the hosted desktop initiative at Iasun. Come visit us on the web to see what’s new in the hosted desktop world at Iasun

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Article Source: Hosted Desktop Revolution – Coming of age in a digital way

Something old is something new

Something borrowed and something blue, not quite but something’s have just been around for ever and we just take them for granted. It seems that everyone in all parts of business are talking about virtualization in terms of servers and desktops. The new “Holy Grail” it appears has just been discovered and we’re all beating down the door to get to it. The problem for most is that they weren’t even wet behind the ears when we shed our first rendition of the terminal and now they think they’ve discovered something new. If we can learn from history we are on the verge of finally getting things right.

Somewhere between the old terminal with the cute little green letters or orange, if you were lucky, and the near future we in business simply lost our minds. Don’t get me wrong technology has improved our output tremendously in the last 30 or so years and I have all the faith that it will continue to drive society to greater heights. But when the personal computer started to invade the corporation it multiplied, divided and grew faster than anyone had ever imagined. Hence, I say we lost our minds because we insisted upon the independence and control we could exert with our personal little power house. I don’t know if it was freedom, control, lack of control or fiefdom building but we did indeed loose our minds and somehow convinced ourselves that this is all in the name of progress.  You see that cute little screen had one problem, you were not in control of it. To put it another way you could not waste your day away tinkering with it, loading, downloading, uploading, it simply did its job and that was that. The beauty was in the simplicity of the machine itself and not in the designer colors, purely utilitarian. 

Now I’m not saying that computers within the workplace are an evil thing, quite the opposite, they are tools and no different than a carpenter needing a hammer. But as a consultant with no particular ties to any organization I see first hand how much time is wasted with the current deployments of desktops across the corporation. Waste starts with help desks needing help desks to the clerical staff just competent enough to figure out how not to make the PC function. Need I mention here the social network and gaming scene that so many employees engage in on corporate time. We deploy armies of technicians and consultants managing what should be by this stage of the product game the equivalent of a toaster. 

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