‘The Box’ Stops Hackers in Their Tracks


Wilmette, IL (PRWEB) March 6, 2007

Small business computer networks have become prime targets for hackers. Though most owners believe that their firewalls and virus protection software shield them from the dangers lurking on the Internet, the truth would shock and worry them. However, e-Based Security in Illinois has introduced “The Box,” a security device that provides a constantly evolving defense against cybercrime.

“Hackers want every system they can find and realize that larger companies employ dedicated staff to prevent them from getting inside their networks,” explains Tom Raef, founder of e-Based Security. For that reason, most hackers turn their attention away from large companies and focus, instead, on the easier route: small businesses.

Over the past month alone, the Google Desktop application, which comes pre-loaded in most new PCs, suffered two vulnerabilities, creating the potential for widespread damage. In addition, three major anti-virus software products suffered multiple vulnerabilities, providing an entryway for hackers, instead of defending against them.

In the midst of such threats, Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), chairman of the House Committee on Financial Services, is calling for legislation that would hold the “hacked” responsible for any expenses incurred, including fraudulent credit card charges, identity theft restoration and credit monitoring services.

“It’s time that small business owners weigh the risks of being on the Internet against the costs involved in protecting their digital assets,” Raef says. In response to the urgent need, e-Based Security offers two products specifically designed for small businesses.

The first, called “The Box,” provides protection for small businesses that have an in-office email server. It filters SPAM, viruses, various file types and Phishing. It also provides a deep packet inspection firewall, intrusion detection/prevention system, content filter and spyware detector/blocker.

e-Based Security’s second product serves small offices that need additional security but use an outside service for their email.

Each product provides comprehensive protection. “We’ve focused on making one device that will handle all the security needs of a small business,” said Raef. “Our support staff monitors the logs and watches for various alerts. When we see something that doesn’t look right, we dive deeper into the traffic. If it’s malicious, it’s stopped immediately. If it’s harmless, we let it through.”

Setting them apart from most small business security solutions, both products detect the problem before it becomes a problem. Raef and his team modify their defense strategies according to the type of threat and prevent it from attacking the system.

“Our products and services provide multiple layers of defense,” Raef says. “If something malicious makes it through one layer of security, it will definitely be detected by a deeper layer.”

Several features separate these products from the rest:

    Remotely managed by the vendor

    Deep packet inspection of incoming and outgoing traffic

    Blocking methods of malicious infection – not signature based

    Multiple layers of defense

    Priced according to small business budgets

Raef explains, “We aim to provide the small business networks with a defense that is as strong as or stronger than enterprise networks. Then maybe hackers will hate small business networks!”

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