Something About Niche Hosting

Something About Niche Hosting

Something About Niche Hosting

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Something About Niche Hosting

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Posted: Mar 06, 2008 |Comments: 0
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One cannot deny the fact that, the reach of internet is vast and through out the world and when it comes to marketing scenario the customer is consider being ultimate. He/she is an individual who comes to the market with well defined objectives and requirements. Thus it is a challenge for a hosting provider to aim customer’s well defined objectives. Web host needs to move straight forwards with the certain strategy focusing on the futures such as price, uptime, reliability, support etc.

A few time ago there was a research conducted about the selling aspect of the hosting industry. Can a low priced host perform well? How nice it will be if a low priced host will propose features like maximum bandwidth and disk space. At the end the conclusion was that the largest host would be the low priced host with the maximum bandwidth and disk space, with an outstanding support and placing advertisements all over the client’s site. It can be useful for several people, but the Return of Investment (ROI) may consume the entire life-time of a person.

The web hosting industry contains majority of SMEs. For them large investments in marketing may not provide results as per expectations. Still one can find several web hosts in the market who have flourished themselves from a mere reseller hosting system to a thousand servers within a little spare of time. It is quite surprising that the number of hosts selling at low price was zero. They had done nothing but created a niche market for their purpose.

One web host concentrated merely on resellers and termed it as private label reseller programs. They gave out additional amount of disk space and bandwidth and demanded for additional charge. Their merits – slighter customers, advanced cash turnover and comparatively smaller support requests as the resellers takes care of their own customers. Another web host concentrated merely on webmasters. In fact, Webmasters usually possess more than one site. Hosting cannot be considered their main business and they demand a reasonable solution. In addition to it, the majority of webmasters have the technical knowledge and in comparison they require a community where interaction with other webmasters is possible.

Everyone knows that in a little span of time identical things take the place in market and adopts the standardization of industry. This is again test the way to effectively control the market by the host. They can take the step to concentrate on merely on certain services of hosting. For instance, email only hosting. This can be very helpful for the people for whom email is highly decisive. The user may go for the emails on another server which is totally dedicated to emails only. Thus, if by chance the prime site faces downtime, they still have an alternative route to get the mails. One can take backup hosting as another suitable example. At this juncture, the web host would backup the whole information related to a site in a frequent period of time.

Web hosting provider can also concentrate on definite languages and software which are very well-liked. There is not majority of hosts offering Java Servlets, Postgresql, and Zope. If one takes the example of only Zope hosting then it definitely escort all the Zope developers to apply and as well as propose the Zope community a web hosting provider who is specialized in field of Zope hosting.

Everyone knows that price of broadband had declined by the time, it also created a ray of optimism in the mind of web hosts that due to this the market of application hosting also gets popularity. One can find new market of large and small corporate who never thinks badly in keeping their data in secure networks. All requires is to log into their servers and access their data from any part of the globe. They search for the applications like Compiere or rather a groupware where user can easily access, share and pile up the data online. If there will be a requirement for paying premium for such services the Corporate would never mind. But, web hosts have to promise protection and dependability in such situations.

Merging some of the additional features in the offered package will definitely attract the customers to that hosting provider. It can include few of the software’s also.

One can put forward hosting services along with a post nuke, gallery and phpBB forum all packaged into one. Due to this the customer will receive both opportunity and time to concentrate on what he/she requires to do instead of wasting time on thinking the way to implement a CMS system or picture gallery.

There are many sites offering software such as ikonboard, eZpublish, phpShop, Zope, A-Cart etc along with their hosting package. After selecting the ideal one as per requirement user can create scripts to automate the process of installation. Thus, one can save the time wasting on ordering new things.

At the end, user needs not to take any step like investing a huge amount of money for the purpose of advertising with search engines or rather with web hosting directories. All requires is to advertise on the elected software’s home page and remain present on their forums/mailing lists to assist the client.

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