QuickBooks hosting with Citrix XenApp6; New features, benefits

QuickBooks hosting with Citrix XenApp6; New features, benefits

QuickBooks hosting with Citrix XenApp6; New features, benefits

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Home Page > Computers > Software > QuickBooks hosting with Citrix XenApp6; New features, benefits

QuickBooks hosting with Citrix XenApp6; New features, benefits

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Posted: Jan 11, 2011 |Comments: 0


Many accounting professionals and small business owners are now aware of the benefits of hosting their QuickBooks using Citrix and a third-party hosting company versus exchanging QuickBooks files or self-hosting client data.

These benefits include:

• Access from anywhere – All you need is an internet connection
• Convenience – No driving to and from your client’s office
• Reduced IT Costs – Companies have reduced their IT costs by 30 percent or more
• Reliability – Networks and applications are managed by experts
• Security – 128-bit encryption and servers stored at SAS 70 Type II data centers

Citrix recently introduced XenApp 6.0, which is the latest on-demand application delivery and virtualization software from Citrix. The benefits of Xenapp 6.0 to quickbooks hosting users include:

• Enhanced Citrix receivers for Macs – Seamless access to the server through the new Citrix receiver
• Universal Smartphone Support – Access from any smartphone including iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Android
• App-V Integration – Citrix and Microsoft virtual applications can interact and share data seamlessly
• Expanded support of devices – USB access supports POS devices, webcams, microphones, scanners, digital cameras, and more
• Built for Windows Server 2008 – Improves speed and reliability of QuickBooks applications delivered through Xenapp 6.0.
• Self Service – Using Citrix product Dazzle, user can now subscribe to applications from their PC and MAC
• Multi-Language Support – Access can be customized to up to 8 different languages
• Supports 64 bit computing – Applications run faster with 64 bit computing versus 32 bit computing
In addition to these user enhancements, there are many data center enhancements that improve the reliability, security, and performance of Citrix application hosting.

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Jeff Hardy
About the Author:


Jeff Hardy is a proud contributing author. He wrote many more articles on quickbooks hosting, application hosting that has boomed the modern business industry and their way of working. You may see some more interesting information about quickbooks hosting here: quickbooks hosting



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