Our Writers

Eric Jackson
Location: Memphis, USA
Eric Jackson is Computer Management Assistant. Under the general direction of the Regional Information Management Officer, the Computer Management Assistant he is in charge of operational management of the Information Systems Centre
Email: eric.Jack@desktopize.com
Computer Management Assistant

Tim Boars
Location: New York, USA
Tim Boars is a veteran – with more than 15 years experience .He is responsible for providing basic end-user training on necessary Microsoft Office applications.
Email: tim.boars@desktopize.com

D.J James Rimee
Location: California, USA
D.J James Rimee has four years of experience of high level responsible professional experience in computer applications, network design and management in a multi-network environment.
Email: djames@desktopize.com

Lanie Sophie
Location: Texas, USA
Lanie Sophie has knowledge of systems analysis and design techniques; computer equipment operations management; hardware and software technology with experience more than 12 years
Email: sophie@desktopize.com

Nadav Lobddie
Location: Georgia, USA

Nadav Lobddie is a professor in business technology.His knowledge of the capabilities and limitations of the computer equipment and software installed at post and programming languages utilized by equipment on hand; systems analysis and design techniques; systems and programming documentation techniques will really help you.
Email: nadav.lob@desktopize.com maps vietnam