New Desktop PC

New Desktop PC
new desktop computer
Image by Ronald HN Tan
Connected the new desktop to my 42" plasma TV via HDMI to try and after which continue with the installation of Windows 7. After the usual process of updating and installing the necessary drivers, the first thing I did was install Left 4 Dead 2 and played for a couple of hours on the TV. It was really cool to play games on a big screen but there was some issues as well – my wireless keyboard and mouse was spoilt so I have to use a wired set, which caused me to stretch my arms to play due to the short cable lenght. Also I have to sit on the floor to play as the keyboard & mouse was on my coffee table and this hurts my bums! Wahahaha!

Think next up, I will consider to buy

Wired or Wireless keyboard/mouse ( I will be using the desktop in study room)
24" LCD monitor (now using a 17" Samsung LCD)
A couple of Coolermaster 120mm fans (to lower temperature when loading the CPU/GPU)

Maybe I will do some overclocking to benchmark too! But most importantly, the desktop is for me to do some work and of course, play some games when I am free! 🙂

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