Is QuickBooks Hosting really beneficial for small business?

Is QuickBooks Hosting really beneficial for small business?

Is QuickBooks Hosting really beneficial for small business?

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Home Page > Computers > Software > Is QuickBooks Hosting really beneficial for small business?

Is QuickBooks Hosting really beneficial for small business?

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Posted: Oct 09, 2010 |Comments: 0


Cloud hosting services are being accepting by the Large and medium business in a big way but small business are sceptical about the real benefit that application hosting services, such as QuickBooks accounting hosting can bring to them.


The usability of Cloud hosting services are to be evaluated against the following needs of small and medium businesses:

Need to improve the business focus by concentrating on the core focus area while hiving up and outsourcing the IT support to third parties
The impact of getting major application such as QuickBooks hosted on terminal servers in terms of costs savings and increased business efficiency.
Whether the security of the data is more on the cloud servers
And, lastly, whether real time anywhere application access and collaboration is easily implementable.


How QuickBooks hosting proves beneficial for small business?

In the backdrop of the factors that have to be evaluated, the following benefits that small business gets due to QuickBooks hosting services are worth mentioning:


Accessing application on the move: with ever greater mobility of the human resources Cloud hosting services fulfils the need of having anytime anywhere access to the applications either from home, office or anywhere one desires from any online connection. Thus not only the dependence on Local LAN is eliminated, the application access is ensured through various platforms and browsers.


Multiuser access and collaboration: Multiuser simultaneous application access and sharing is key to optimal use of human resources particularly for small business which are hard pressed in terms of human resources. Hosting services also means that geographically dispersed workforce is able to cooperate closely from wherever they are. Further small business units may be located in multiple places necessitating many copies of the application to be installed at each place. Anytime anywhere access allows the same copy to be accessed at different units further impacting the cost of running the applications.

Get free IT support: Technical troubleshooting needs dedicated IT resource which may not be related to the core business focus concerns. Hence outsourcing major IT functions makes sense for small business. With QuickBooks hosting services technical help and troubleshooting is not only available round the clock but also is included within the service offering prices. Further costs cutting happens for small business in terms of eliminating the need of dedicated IT professional for troubleshooting and maintenance.


Optimal IT infrastructure management: Running applications like QuickBooks needs a host of associated IT Infrastructure like Servers, backup facilities, network monitoring security tools for optimal application access. These obviously involve costs and tend to get frequently obsolete. For example you need different system and server requirement if you wish to have new version of QuickBooks or use some different applications as well besides QuickBooks. It makes sense to buy a ready made scalable infrastructure service from a service provider at fixed costs and which is chargeable for what Infrastructure you actually use.


Is my data safe if I go for QuickBooks hosting service?

Data security is genuine concern for the small business but also the most misunderstood in terms of cloud services. While data being hosted on centralized servers is rightly pointed out it is rarely taken in to consideration that data security rests not only where it is located but how it is managed. Experience with cloud computing has shown that cloud environment provides more data security than what is possible on a local network. This is due of two factors:


Network security: Network through which data is access needs to be regularly monitored for real time security threats such as viruses. This is possible through latest security tools as well as needs dedicated experts which may involve costs, which may not be affordable for small business.
Data backup: Another aspect of data security is how and where data is being backed up to protect against accidental loss. Cloud hosting service providers normally back up the data automatically in multiple locations and hosted at super secure data centres for safety which may not be possible for a small business without investing huge costs. Also most of the cloud hosting providers allow local backup of the data anytime the client desires.


Technical resources: Cloud hosting providers have the necessary dedicated technical expertise to not only manage data better but also troubleshoot issues in real time based on the data security threats assessment. To have such diverse and dedicated technical resources for small business is virtually impossible.


Thus, QuickBooks hosting and other cloud hosting services definitely bring cost efficiency and better IT infrastructure management for small business. Most of the large businesses that have adopted cloud computing have reported more than 40-50% drop in IT costs and at the same time enhancing their business focus and productivity from collaboration and better human resource management.

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