How to make your iPad a Desktop Computer – iPad + Bluetooth keyboard + Bluetooth Mouse + Monitor

This video shows how you can make your Jailbroken iPad a desktop computer or better yet how to use both a Bluetooth keyboard and Bluetooth mouse with your Jailbroken iPad. I did a crazy thing today, I made my iPad a desktop computer. I paired a Bluetooth keyboard and a Bluetooth mouse to my jailbroken iPad. it worked pretty well, but not without issues. Here is what i used Hardware iPad (Jailbroken) Logitech Bluetooth diNovo Keyboard Verbatim Bluetooth mouse Apple iPad to VGA adapter (.99) Desktop Monitor Software btstack Mouse (free, downloaded from Cydia) btstack Keyboard (, downloaded from Cydia) DisplayOut (.99, downloaded from Cydia) This answers the question: Can I use both a Bluetooth keyboard and a Bluetooth mouse with the Apple iPad? Note: Other videos say Bluetooth Keyboard in description but uses Apple keyboard dock which is not Bluetooth.
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