How do I set up wireless internet between two desktop computers?

Question by growler: How do I set up wireless internet between two desktop computers?
I have a desktop computer hooked up to the internet through a broadband connection (computer A). It is hooked up to a wireless router. So I bought a wireless card for the other desktop computer(computer B). After a while, I was able to get the computer’s to connect to each other and computer A works just fine, connects to the internet and everything. Computer B will not connect to the internet. It keeps saying it can’t connect to internet explorer. I can’t get anything online on Computer B, but it does recognize a connection to Computer A. I bought a portable harddrive because I was told that would make setting up the computers easier than doing it manually. I did that, but still no internet on Computer B. What am I doing wrong?

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Answer by beeble4brox
You need a broadband, wireless router.

The connection would be this…
1) Cable or DSL line to cable/DSL modem.
2) Ethernet cable from modem to wireless router (I use a Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router).
3) You can then connect the computers to your router via Ethernet cable or wireless card.

The wireless router will acquire connection info from your ISP and it will host your local network and pass out IP addresses and DNS information to your home computers via DHCP.

If you set your Windows computers to use the same workgroup, they’ll be able to file/print share with each other with a little tweaking as well.

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