How do i network a printer from desktop to a wireless laptop?

Question by Jennifer Lynn: How do i network a printer from desktop to a wireless laptop?
I want to be able to send documents or whatever that i am working on to the printer that is connected to the desktop FROM my laptop.
We do have a router and its connected to desktop. But I am not computer savy so could yo give me sep by step instructions?
Oh wow, Sorry for the misspelled words, I guess i was typing way to fast and did not edit my response!!! Not really understanding the answers.

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Answer by Jedi Master <
get a wireless router, connect the desktop to the internet via the router, set up a wireless network, enable print and file sharing on the desktop….


ok, networking is not my strong area in computers, but what I did when i connected my kids computer was to plug both computers into the router.
use the network wizard to set up the network its really simple especially with a flash drive.
enable printer and file sharing.
unplug the laptop and try connecting via the wireless adapter.
make sure the printer is turned on and print something.

I dont know much about trouble shooting issues with the wireless.

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