Home screen 2

Home screen 2
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Image by San Sharma
Echofon Pro (£2.99)
There are lots of Twitter apps out there for the iPhone and iPad, including an official app, but Echofon is my favourite for three reasons: 1) it syncs with my iPhone and desktop Twitter apps, so I can always pick up where I left off; 2) It send notifications to my devices when I get an @reply or Direct Message, except – cleverly – when I’m using Echofon on my desktop; and 3) it sports a slick, clutter-free interface.
Guardian Eyewitness (Free)
The Guardian Eyewitness app makes the most of the iPad’s gorgeous display, showcasing provocative photographs that reflect the day’s events. Tap to see a ‘Pro Tip’ from the Guardian photography team for budding photo journalists.
Reeder (£2.99)
An RSS reader that syncs with Google Reader (and therefore my iPhone and desktop RSS apps) and really cares about its design. It looks gorgeous and takes the clutter out of reading the news in the morning. It’s how I start my day and keep on top of all that business, lifestyle and technology news!
Comics (Free)
If you’re a comic book fan, like I am, the Comics app is the real superhero of the App Store. Comics, which include issues from Marvel and DC, look incredible on the iPad’s display and the Guided View Technology intelligently takes you through books panel by panel. And for iPhone or iPad app developers, Comics is a great example of generating income from in-app purchasing. The app itself is free but comics cost a couple of quid each.
Instapaper (£2.99)
Let’s say you’re at your desktop or laptop computer and you’ve spotted a post on Enterprise Nation that you don’t quite have the time to read properly now. Click the ‘Read Later’ bookmarklet in your browser and Instapaper saves just the text and accompanying images (no ads!) and syncs it to your Instapaper account, ready to read later on your iPad or iPhone or via the Instapaper website. Magic!
iBooks (Free) and Kindle (Free)
iBooks from Apple is an arguably better reading experience, but the Kindle app from Amazon offers more selection at a better price. Both sync pages across devices, so you can pick up the same book on your iPhone and it’ll remember where you left off.
Pages, Numbers and Keynote (£5.99 each)
Word processing, spreadsheets and presentation software from Apple is surprisingly fully featured and affordable at £5.99 each. They won’t replace your desktop alternatives (probably from Microsoft), but for light work or document editing these apps are very impressive. You might want to use an Apple Keyboard Dock or sync and Apple Keyboard for heavier work.
Photogene (£2.39)
Until Adobe release Photoshop for the iPad, Photogene is the next best thing: crop, straighten, red-eye correction and much more with just a swipe here and there.
SketchBook Pro (£4.99)
The example sketches that come with SketchBook Pro will blow your mind! Really powerful stuff. My masterpieces are usually flowcharts or website plans!
Evernote (Free)
I can’t say enough about Evernote. It turns your iPhone or iPad into an extension of your brain, helping you remember everything – notes, images, web pages – and syncs it across all of your devices.
Taska (£2.99)
A decent to-do app is conspicuously missing from the iPad’s default set-up, but Taska steps in and does a grand job, syncing with Toodledo, so you can keep up-to-date with your tasks on the web and on your desktop.