Dell XPS M2010 – Ideal for Business or Gamers As reported elasewhere, the Dell XPS M2010 is a bit heavy and pricy… there’s no doubt about it! But guess what….I still love it even with these considerations, and use it every day for my business at By the way, thanks to the InfoGoRound Web 2.0 Content Generation System, you can discover how to obtain thousands of top quality, private label articles and information products for FREE! Check it out when you get a chance at The XPS M2010 contains an impressive array of multimedia experiences all packaged into one self-contained unit. That’s the beauty of it! And there are no compromises like with other laptops, such as a smaller display, mini-keyboard, or the all to common problem with lack of processing power. The XPS M2010 has a large, fold-out 20-inch display, a detachable Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and most of the other premium components that you will find on top of the line desktop PC’s. Oh, and did I forget to mention that an impressive sound system with 10 speakers is included, or that there is a pop-up, slot-loading DVD player and a integrated video camera and microphone for videoconferencing!! And interestingly, the XPS M2010’s footprint takes up less space than a typical desktop computer. With the screen moved back and the keyboard resting on the base unit, it measures a little over 8 inches deep by 18 inches wide. And one of the main reasons why I love the XPS M20210…it’s more portable and convenient
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