5 Ways to Use Remote Desktop Software

5 Ways to Use Remote Desktop Software

5 Ways to Use Remote Desktop Software

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5 Ways to Use Remote Desktop Software

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Posted: Jan 14, 2010 |Comments: 0
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5 Ways to Use Remote Desktop Software

Remote control software allows users to access their home computer from any other computer in the world. Beyond accessing, users are able to take control of their PC and run programs that may not be available at their actual location. While there are some disadvantages such as increased electric bills from leaving the computer on all the time (though you may choose to do this anyway as it’s better for your computer’s health) and decreased image fidelity due to bandwidth limitations, this article will identify 5 of the most popular ways in which people use this type of software.

1)      Access to any file at anytime from anywhere – How often do you find yourself away from your home but in desperate need to access a file on your home computer? Be it a song you may want to show to a friend, a video you want to re-watch or an important document you need for work, having anytime/anywhere access to the files on your computer can not only be incredibly convenient, it can really be a lifesaver.

2)      Troubleshooting and tech support – There is no easier way for a tech support specialist to solve a computer issue than to take that computer over and perform the fixes themselves. Troubleshooting via remote access is not only much quicker, but it results in greatly reduced repeat calls and increased customer satisfaction.

3)      Surveillance – If your computer has a webcam or can accept a video input from a home security system, simply leave the system on and log into your remote access software from anywhere in the world to monitor any activity the cameras pick up. This type of surveillance can be useful for everything from keeping an eye on a family pet, to watching over home construction to keeping an eye on a new babysitter.

4)      File Server – Simply load up a devoted computer with a beefy hard drive, set up the remote control software, invite some friends and let the file sharing begin. Using remote access software to setup a file server is convenient because it forgoes any file size or other limitations that may exist on web based servers and users will have a quick and easy way to share files among friends, classmates or co-workers.

5)      Bypass Restrictive Security Settings – Many times users will find themselves in a setting where they are unable to complete a task because they have restricted access to certain websites or applications due to security restrictions set by a company or individual. Using remote desktop software a user can simply log into and take over another computer and complete the task remotely.

We see that remote access software can be used to save time, increase productivity and reduce the risk of both physical and digital loss. These products make it easier to reach goals and complete projects while increasing the efficiency and speed of our digital lifestyles. These programs are already available on most smart phones, enabling a fully fledged computer experience from the palm of our hands. Only time will tell how future iterations of remote control software will continue to mold and evolve our ever increasing mobile flexibility.

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About the Author:

This article was written by Michael Spooner on behalf of Proxy Networks. He recommends you consider Proxy Networks for all your remote access, pc remote access, and remote control software needs.

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