Zebra 105SL, The Right Choice For Industrial Barcode Printer

Zebra 105SL, The Right Choice For Industrial Barcode Printer

Zebra 105SL, The Right Choice For Industrial Barcode Printer

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Home Page > Computers > Zebra 105SL, The Right Choice For Industrial Barcode Printer

Zebra 105SL, The Right Choice For Industrial Barcode Printer

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Posted: Sep 16, 2010 |Comments: 0


When you need thousands of labeling items in a single day, over the label must include the bar code of any component, so obviously you’ll need industrial barcode printer to help you solve problems .

Because many problems show if you choose to buy a label printer offices rather than industrial label printer for your needs that labeling thousands of printing the label of each day. series of desktop printer designed for a low budget for a user and the amount of the printed label that is not as much as industrial needs, if you print the label on each day can label 200-700 be the standard desktop printer enough for you. The common problem results from a state like this print head, including broken, broken scroll, broken pattern of lace, and other damage.

The price of industrial label printer is higher than the desktop label printers, so you can not complain about it because you get more benefit from the industrial printer itself rather than printer office. The price of industrial bar code printer is between $ 1.600 to $ 2.500 U.S., depend on the brand, specification and product quality.

Zebra 105SL is an industrial label printer Zebra, one of the leading companies in most bar codes for over 20 years. The Zebra 105SL series is one of the best sellers of Zebra Company, LP2844 and side S4M series.

Zebra 105SL has much improved serial printer such as:

Improved memory
processing capacity
Rugged and reliable all-metal construction
consistent print quality
Network compatibility
The product is ideal for moderate to high volume printing needs, thanks to improved memory and fast processing capabilities. The rugged metal housing and all are very ideal when the printer used in a business process like this:

Manufacturing and labeling compliance
Inventory Control
Product identification marking
Work in progress
The advantage of this series is that a printer of industrial labels, but it is quiet enough to use in the office. So it does not bother you much when you need to print thousands of labels in your office.

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zebra 105sl, the right choice for industrial barcode printer

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