Year 3~Day 5 +342/366 AND Day 736: Yummy Fried Chicken for Sunday Lunch at the Valdosta Country Club

Year 3~Day 5 +342/366 AND Day 736: Yummy Fried Chicken for Sunday Lunch at the Valdosta Country Club
business desktop computer
Image by Old Shoe Woman
Notes about the Day: For several weeks, my main desktop computer has booted up with an error message: Imminent Hard Disk Failure–press F2 to continue. Well, today it had the error message Boot Disk Error – Insert Boot Disk. I called my bil. He said that meant my hard drive was DEAD. He said I could either get another hard drive or a new computer. I’ve had the computer for several years–it has USB ports with 1.0; so, I’ll be getting a new desktop computer for Christmas. I have some laptop computers, but I like having a desktop as my main computer at home.

Then I went to Praise and Worship Team practice. Kristian wasn’t there, and everything was not going well for Ginger because she had to set up several pieces of equipment. We finally got started even though 3 hotspots were not working. When Carlos arrived to play the bongos, he went in the back on turned on the switch, and the hotspots worked. YAY!

Bro. Ernest was there to teach our Sunday School class. We had a good discussion about The Message of the Cross.

There were several visitors in the main church service. Praise and Worship was awesome. There were many people with upraised hands praising God. Deirdre gave a message in tongues, and Ann Marie interpreted. Irma testified about God helping her through a tough week. She didn’t tell the details, but Sean had had a bad cough from a cold which kept her up night and day. Simmie was in the hospital with kidney stones. When Simmie came home from the hospital, he stayed with Sean while Irma took Simmie’s place speaking at the Wed. night service in place of pastor who had gone to Atlanta for cancer surgery. Then Ginger called for Scott (pastor’s bil) to come forward with the men of the church to pray for pastor. It was great to see the whole front of the church lined with men of God holding hands and praying. Ann’s sister gave a report about Pastor Doug’s health. Thursday, he had 2 malignant tumors removed from his abdominal area. He was up and walking this morning. This is his 7th cancer surgery. She declared that this was his LAST surgery and that Doug would live and not die and declare the glory of God. Bro. Scott preached a great sermon about the words that come out of our mouth and how important it is to speak good things. Our prayers and our words should be insync with each other.

After church Jim took me to the country club for a delicious Sunday lunch. In this photo, I have my small camera in my right hand. After I took the photo, I had to walk back to the plates to put the breast of chicken on a plate. The waitresses wanted to know if they could help me. Then I told them about my daily self-portrait. I offered them a MOO card with my Flickr website. They were totally impressed with my photographs. That always makes me feel good. Everybody everywhere keep telling me that I ought to do photography professionally and make some money. Shoud I or should I not? So far, I have made money just by posting to Flickr. I put a CC license that allows people to ask if they can use my photos. If it is for a business, they can ask for permission to use it and pay me money. So far, I have made several hundred dollars just from posting to Flickr. It’s not enough to keep me in fried chicken, but it will pay for a new computer.

God is good all the time; all the time God is good. 🙂