Xerox Printer & Xerox Copiers

Xerox Printer & Xerox Copiers

Xerox Printer & Xerox Copiers

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Xerox Printer & Xerox Copiers

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Posted: Jan 11, 2008 |Comments: 0


There are separate models of Xerox printers and copiers for home and office use. Some typical Xerox printers for personal use are Xerox Phaser 3124 Laser Printer, Xerox DocuPrint P8EX Laser Printer and Xerox Phaser 3150 Laser printer. These are desktop printers and are perfectly suitable for being used at home. They are compact and possess fast speeds. The 3124 machine possesses a printing speed of 25 ppm and a paper capacity of 251 sheets.

The 3124 machine is a good choice for a personal printer because of its large paper capacity and large print cartridges, which serve to prevent interruptions during printing operation. It takes very little time to warm up and has an easy and speedy installation process. Due to its small size, it occupies little space on the desktop. Its low cost makes it affordable for all the customers. It is reliable, dependable and needs little maintenance.

There is a wide range of Xerox printers designed specially for office use. Typical examples are Xerox Phaser 6100 and Phaser 6180. These machines are meant for large number of users and not for independent use. They are usually expensive as compared to the personal printers.

Just like the printers, Xerox offers different copier models for use at different places. The most popular Xerox personal copiers are Xerox XC355 and Xerox XC356. Both of these possess compact designs and provide small paper capacity of 50 sheets which is adequate for personal use. Their small size is the main feature which makes them suitable for home use. Xerox XC356 can produce 3 copies in a minute employing xerographic technology. It can handle papers as large as the legal size which is 8.5in x 14in. it can perform three dimensional copying from books, cards etc. It has the ability to copy from multiple kinds of originals and copy onto a wide range of materials. Xerox personal copiers like XC356 are capable of producing high quality, clear and crisp results. It offers additional manual controls to achieve better results. There is a special mode which allows reduced Xerox toner consumption.

If you want to purchase a Xerox copier for office use, models like Xerox 4590 and CopyCentre C123/C128 are quite suitable choices. Besides, there are innumerable other models as well. The copiers meant for office use can handle thousands of papers at a time. For instance, Xerox 4590 has a paper capacity as large as 8,225 sheets. Similarly, the CopyCentre C123/C128 possesses a paper capacity of 3,100 sheets. The machine models are different for small and large offices. Xerox 4590 is meant for very large jobs, while the CopyCentre C123/C128 is designed for relatively small jobs.

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James Kara Murat
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This Article is written by James Kara Murat from, the contributor of PrintCountry Printer Reviews. A longer version of this article is located at Xerox Printer & Xerox Copiers, and related resources can be found at Xerox Printer Ink Cartridges.


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