Would Gmail Outsmart Microsoft Outlook As Leading Desktop Mail Application?

Would Gmail Outsmart Microsoft Outlook As Leading Desktop Mail Application?

Would Gmail Outsmart Microsoft Outlook As Leading Desktop Mail Application?

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Home Page > Computers > Would Gmail Outsmart Microsoft Outlook As Leading Desktop Mail Application?

Would Gmail Outsmart Microsoft Outlook As Leading Desktop Mail Application?

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Posted: Feb 04, 2010 |Comments: 0


Today, email is the most crucial tool for communication online. The software giant has ruled the email for years. While, its Hotmail is the most popular web email services, Outlook remains the most popular desktop tool for reading and managing the inbox.

Launched in 2004, Gmail had reached the third slot last year. Gmail has provided the rapid advance of online e-mail technology that permits users to check their mails anywhere in the world.

Here, the feature compares Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 with Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 with Google’s Gmail.


In Outlook 2007, the Redmond giant greatly improved its search capabilities. It is now driven by Windows Desktop Search and provides fast results. It also searches content from the attachments.

In contrast, Gmail is still much faster than Outlook. Here, the search function works smoothly and checks all the messages including chat messages. Further, users can also search individual folders.

Folders vs. Labels

In Gmail, users can tag their mails through labels. Further, you can tag one mail under multiple labels without copying the message. It seems that the labels are superior than folders and Gmail has more flexible approach towards labeling.

In contrast, Outlook 2007 features color-coded/named categories and Search Folders, which are similar to Gmail. But, as the categories lack correlation, they are not the complete alternative for the folder tree.

Automatically Mail Processing

It seems that Outlook has more choices for diverting messages than Gmail, and provides option for creating rules and fills the relevant information, which is not easy to configure. In Gmail, user can simply set their filter and will affect all the Gmail, regardless of where you access it. But, if you do not have Microsoft Exchange, then the rules will not be incorporated.


In Outlook, you have to create contacts manually, whereas Gmail automatically creates contacts based on your email correspondence. Users can pick any address form Gmail by punching Contacts, whereas Outlook also remembers the email addresses that are corresponded, but it stored the information in difficult to access text file called an NK2 file.

Spam Filtering

Gmail comes with default spam blocking, whereas Outlook uses the out-of-the-box Outlook spam filtering.

Storage Space

Gmail provides 6.76 GB storage for no charge or 25GB for /year. Whereas, in Outlook with Exchange, the storage is associated with high price, therefore users are provided in between 100 MB and 2 GB of storage. However, users who use Outlook without an Exchange connection have nothing to worry about the storage but have to transfer data regularly after they hit a couple GB.


Outlook allows users to process their email and manage responsibilities. In contrast, Gmail does not offer as many workflow options. For various businesses, Outlook offers expanded feature-set like tasks, task sharing, message flagging, shared contact list, etc.


If user is familiar with the Office suite, then it is easy to use Outlook. But, if you are new in the email world then Gmail is a suitable mailing system for the users.

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