Worthington Direct has Laptop Furniture Solutions as Laptop Sales Surpass Desktop Computers


Dallas, TX (PRWEB) January 5, 2009

Worthington Direct (http://www.worthingtondirect.com), a supplier of school, church and early learning furniture and equipment for almost 12 years has seen many changes in the school market’s computer furniture needs. While most schools and education centers are slightly behind the consumer trends, laptop technology has advanced so that schools are integrating them at a rapid pace. Worthington Direct has many furniture solutions for laptop use, storage and even keeping them charged. http://www.worthingtondirect.com/school_furniture/computer_furniture/computer_furniture.htm

Using laptops on tables designed for desktop computers is a lot like trying to fit a circle where a square used to be. Ergonomic consideration is key to providing a workspace that avoids injury and fatigue. Experts say that the keyboard should be at elbow height or more than 90 degrees from the elbow’s bend. Look for computer tables that offer height adjustment that can be lowered to a comfortable height. Worthington Direct has a selection of adjustable computer workstations that adjust pneumatically, via hand crank or with standard set screws. http://www.worthingtondirect.com/school_furniture/computer_furniture/pneumatic_and_crank_adjustable_workstations.htm

Many students use and are issued laptop computers enable to have access to their class work and research materials on and off campus. However when they are used for prolonged periods in the classroom, it is suggested that an auxiliary keyboard be used to create a comfortable and safe computing environment. These, sometimes wireless, keyboards are inexpensive and allow the laptop monitor to be placed atop a standard computer table while the keyboard can rest on a keyboard tray placed at the proper, lower height. Visit the computer table and lab table grouping from Worthington Direct that includes accessories such as retractable keyboard trays, mouse trays, CPU tower racks and wire management systems.


With many schools switching to laptop use over traditional desktop computers, there is more space opening up in the classroom. While standard table depth is generally 30″D, a smaller 24″D table can be used with a laptop. Wire management is also less of a concern and most laptops work on a wireless network. With this additional space in the classroom room or technology lab, teachers have more room for other AV equipment such as projector carts, projector screens, reversible dry erase boards, and mobile computer chairs. http://www.worthingtondirect.com/school_furniture/av_equipment/av_equipment.htm

Classrooms that share laptops will find great use in a laptop storage and charging cart by either Bretford or Balt. These carts are available in several models that can store and transport from 10 to 30 laptops. Simply position the cart near an electrical outlet and charge all of the laptops at once and have them ready to go before the next lesson. Locking doors keep laptops safe and yet ventilate heat when charging. http://www.worthingtondirect.com/school_furniture/computer_furniture/computer_tables_and_lab_stations.htm

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