Workspace @ Nottingham Flat

Workspace @ Nottingham Flat
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Image by David Wellbeloved
I’m currently working on an assignment in Nottingham (I’m a Java/JEE software architect) and live Mon-Fri in a flat rented for me by work. During the day I’m forced to work in the Windows world (HP laptop/Dell workstation) but in the evenings this is what I use:

Ikea desk & lamp (supplied with flat)
32GB iPhone 3GS with work SIM for work email (can’t get on with the Nokia E71 they supplied) and video when commuting Mondays and Fridays, calls diverted to the iPhone 4
16GB iPhone 4 used for all mobile browsing, personal email, podcasts and audiobooks
Belkin iPod dock and powered 5 port USB hub
60GB 5th-Gen iPod for music (soon to be replaced with an iPod Classic)
Belkin Dual USB charger
Etymotic Research HF2 Headset
MiFi with 15GB a month data contract
24-inch Apple LED cinema display. Managed to pick one up on eBay as the 27-inch wouldn’t fit under the Ikea Lack Shelf above the desk. (The desktop picture is a Trek Belleville porteur-style bike, unfortunately not available in the UK)
2TB Western Digital USB Drive, partitioned 1.5TB iTunes/0.5TB Time Machine backup
Apple Remote, mainly used with AppleTV 2 (in living room, along with 32-inch Toshiba LCD TV)
Mid 2009 MacBook Pro 15-inch (2.53GHz Core 2 Duo/4GB RAM/250GB HDD/integrated graphics)
Remote switch for Belkin 8-Sockets Conserve Surge Protector
Oakley prescription spectacles
Apple USB keyboard
Hama Optical Mouse for Mac

The Belkin power strip means that on a Friday I can just disconnect the MacBook Pro from the display, flip one switch and go back home to Cardiff