WordFind 1.0

WordFind 1.0
Category: Sudoku, Crossword & Puzzle Games
Platform: mobile
License: Purchase


Here is a fun word-search program to help you pass the time. Instead of lugging around a huge book, just take your PocketPC. With WordFind you get a load of digital-media features (for example: interactive display, reusable puzzles). With typical puzzles weighing in at 1 to 2 kB, you can store hundreds at a time without using too many of your system resources. Features: Solve word-search puzzles on your PocketPC to pass the time Multiple users can play a puzzle and save their progress independently Can zoom in and out to see characters better or get a wider view of the puzzle Supports color-themes as part of the puzzle Puzzle files stored in Unicode, so puzzles can be in any language An almost useless integrated help file Easy to install and uninstall

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