Windows Vista Themes

Windows Vista Themes

Windows Vista Themes

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Windows Vista Themes

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Posted: Jun 14, 2007 |Comments: 0
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The Windows Vista Themes allow people to be able to change the visual elements of the desktop area on their computer by selecting a theme that is stored on their computer. People can select which computer sounds they want on the computer desktop too, and some of the themes come with their own sound scheme.

The Microsoft Corporation website can provide directions that will help people apply a sound scheme on their computer desktop. To allow people ample opportunity to personalize their Vista experience, it is also possible to change any of the individual sounds on the computer so that every event has a unique sound attached to it. These sound changes will only apply to the personal settings of one user account on the computer.

All of the Windows Vista operating systems will includes two themes, and these themes can be changed out at any time. The two themes are the Windows Vista Themes and the Windows Classic Theme. The latter theme is very similar to the themes used in the earlier Windows operating systems.

Windows Vista users can download Windows Vista Themes from many software company websites. Some of these themes will be provided free of charge and many can must be purchased. Any Windows Vista Theme that is downloaded from an outside should be considered very carefully. A theme can be assigned to any person that has set up a user account on the Vista operating system.

It is possibly to change themes by opening the Theme Settings on the computer by using the Start Menu button. Vista users can click on the Control Panel, and select Appearance and Personalization button, and select Personalization to find the area marked Themes. The Windows Vista Theme can be selected and installed by selecting the Theme you want from the list in this section.

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Learn more about Windows Vista themes from FreeVistaThemes, a web resource which specializes in providing completely free vista themes for your pc.


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