Windows Desktop Search not indexing External Hard Drive?

Question by schaller2003: Windows Desktop Search not indexing External Hard Drive?
Windows desktop search 4 is not indexing the external hard drive I have selected. It is indexing my emails and internal hard drive just fine. I’ve tried rebuilding the index and have that drive checked. Any thoughts?

Windows XP
Ahh, you are on to something. When I do that for my C drive the two boxes show up as you’ve described. But when I do that for my external drive (the one thats not being indexed) those two chech boxes are not even there. Any thoughts on that?

Best answer:

Do you have that service enabled?
For ‘compress contents’ and ‘allow index service’. (These help optimize file recovery speed & save disk space.)
Start> my computer> right click ‘c’ drive> properties> general tab: here check both boxes & ok; don’t freak out, it may say 3 days or more to run, but this drops dramatically as the process advances; just walk away and let ‘er run for the duration: it will self close when done. Depending on the files & sizes, it may take several hours to do (maybe do it at night before bed?).
When done, run ‘CCleaner’ & defrag.

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