Windows desktop search for vista?

Question by neoalanmi: Windows desktop search for vista?
I have 64 bit vista and tried to download windows desktop search, but it acts like it’s downloading it then says “checking for updates” and then “this update does not apply to your computer” and closes. I tried the 32 bit also and same thing. What the heck? Why won’t it download and install?

I clicked Open rather than Save when I tried to download – would save work?
I am positive I tried to download the vista version. So, that’s not it.

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Answer by I Ask and I Recieve
Saving it will do nothing but take computer space, you are probably downloading a XP version of Windows Search. Make sure you are looking for a Vista version. That is the only problem I can think of. If problems persist, call Best Buy’s Geek Squad. (1-800-433-5778). I hope this helps. Good Luck =)

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