Why Use A Hosted Desktop

Why Use A Hosted Desktop

Why Use A Hosted Desktop

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Why Use A Hosted Desktop

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Posted: Oct 27, 2009 |Comments: 0




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Why Use A Hosted Desktop

By: Neil Maycock

About the Author

Neil Maycock writes articles for IT Support Brisbane

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Hosted desktop’s are an ideal solution for the business manager who wishes somebody else would manage their IT Infrastructure.

What It Is?

A hosted basically involves of your normal operating system and desktop items being hosted on a central server, usually in a data center with thousands of other servers. This means that all the information is stored and maintained locally. Users are given login credentials allowing them to access there desktop anywhere there is an internet connection available.

This takes the responsibility of upgrades, software failures, anti virus and security issues to the hosting company. This gives the advantage of the business not having to purchase expensive server or desktop software as this is provided by the hosted company, giving the business as a whole less downtime.

Safe And Secure

Data centers that hold the servers, are fully air conditioned, with back up supply, ensuring availability of your important documents and desktop applications. The login’s should have a 128-bit data encryption (similar to Internet banking) and logging in varies from vendor to vendor. Systems are protected against natural disaster and theft.

Email systems are monitored closely and every email is scrutinized before being received on the recipients work station.

Easy To Maintain

Perhaps the biggest advantage to the business owner over more conventional client/server method’s is that setup is easy to maintain. The hosting company is responsible for keeping your system up and running. Adding additional members is easy. All that is needed is a client workstation and monitor and the hosting company take care of the rest.

One of the main advantages of the hosted desktop solution is for the mobile client. No need to log in to your slow responsive work desktop, instead all of your information is provided on request, via anywhere you can get a connection. This also protects the user of theft or loss of data, as the data is stored on the desktop. Just replace the equipment and have the peace of mind.

However, perhaps the biggest advantage to the business owner is the cost. This is all packaged into a low monthly cost. Meaning there is no need for expensive server equipment and desktop software, or for the staff to monitor and upgrade them. IT Costs can be easily monitored allowing the business owner the freedom to do what they do best, manage there business.

Retrieved from “http://www.articlesbase.com/hardware-articles/why-use-a-hosted-desktop-1387436.html

(ArticlesBase SC #1387436)

Neil Maycock
About the Author:

Neil Maycock writes articles for IT Support Brisbane


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