Who donates laptops and computers to small businesses?

Question by ♥Lustful Kiss♥: Who donates laptops and computers to small businesses?
I have started a small business in March of 2008. I still do not have funding and cannot get a buisness loan because I am only 16. I would like to know if anyone knew of anybody who donated things to small business such as laptops, and desktop computers,ect.
~Thank you!
I have started raising money to buy a laptop. But i was wondering if anybody knew where i could get one for free…because that would be a bigger help.

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Answer by Medical and Business Information
You may want to check out your local chapter called SCORE they can point you to organizations that help with donating things. Another thing you could do is go to your local Rent-a-Center or Aarons ask if they have old computers that they are willing to sell for a low price. Often times when they get computers that have been rented out for a year and then suddenly returned. They often don’t get a lot of money out of them so they sell them for a couple of hundred dollars if even that. Talk to the managers and make friends with them. Often times if you have become friendly with them they will give you an extra good deal. Just be nice also try to call maybe once a month don’t become a pest. They will look on you more favorably. If you can afford it you could possibly rent to own a new pc. If that is not in your budget cruise the flea markets even though you will get something pretty old you can get something that will get you by until you can afford better. Good luck with your business. It’s nice to see our young people becoming entrepreneurs.

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