Which specific subjects to study if I want to learn web application development?

Question by Spec Tac: Which specific subjects to study if I want to learn web application development?
I’d like to study what is needed to gain the knowledge to be able to create web sites/applications with capabilities similiar to what MySpace has.

If I have no programming or web design experience, can you please put together a list of subjects I should study in order to gain a better understanding? Also, please provide a general overview. I know website design is involved here, but it must go beyond your standard website development as the site has a lot of functionality within it.

I guess, in case I get lucky enough to get an experienced person answer here, that I wanted to ask for more of a general overview as well.

For example, I want to learn all the separate elements (web design, social networking programming, etc or whatever is involved) but I also would like to find a book that provides a general overview (i.e. something that serves as an introduction about how html, web design, flash, game programming, etc., all integrate with one another to complete a dynamic project.

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Answer by joshrules001
to start learn HTML then css then javascript. After that learn DHTML and AJAX. Then you’ll be ready for server side like php, asp, jsp, and coldfusion. You only need to learn one. Even though I don’t recomind it coldfusion is for flash. Flash slows down the browser and takes alot of bandwidth Also game development and web development are 2 different things.If you’ll going to use flash you’ll need to learn actionscript

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