Where do I look to find desktop support jobs?

Question by malmal: Where do I look to find desktop support jobs?
I’m currently working desktop support for a company which contracts out its techs. Where should I look to find a new job directly with a company? (I don’t want to be contracted!) And please don’t say monster.com. Something that would actually get my resume seen would be nice! I’m in the Los Angeles area if that helps. Thanks!

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Answer by kako
Contact the companies directly that you want to work for. Most of them have web sites that you can apply for jobs directly. They are usually under “Careers” or “Jobs” under the corporate information tab on the site.

If the company has no web site, find out their address and send your resume directly to them via US mail. Be sure and have a good cover letter that explains what you want to do.

There are a lot of companies in the LA area, I am sure you can find jobs there.

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