Where can i get a web application to test?

Question by eddie: Where can i get a web application to test?
I need an application that i could use to write test cases on. You know the kind of stuff we have at work, an application with login, transactions, reports, address book, messaging etc you know what I am talking about. An enterprise application that i could host locally on an application server like tomcat and uses some RDBMS for back end like SQL, mysql or Oracle. Is such an application available for download or purchase?

I know such an application comes bundled with QTP. It’s a flight booking application but it’s really small. I need an application that I can at least write 2000 test cases for. and this thing must open in a web-browser. I don’t want to use google or yahoo mail those aren’t applications. Also I should be able to host this locally.

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Answer by jeanson w
try kingmailer or go back to googl and make sure you specify correctly what you are looking for and you may find it for download or they may offer you similer sites (3rd party) products or something… good luck

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