Where are cookies stored on your computer?

Question by byteslayer7: Where are cookies stored on your computer?
I’m trying to move some cookies over to a different computer. However, i cannot find where the website stores the cookies. I am aware in firefox (my current browser) that if you go to tools/options/privacy you can view current cookies, delete them, modify cookie acceptance protocol etc. However, this is useless for discovering the actual location of the cookies. I’ve searched using the desktop tools for filenames of cookies, as well as for folders named “Cookies”, all of which returned no results or not the results i was looking for. Microsoft help and support turned up blank, as well as a google search for the topic.

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Answer by nuttygolfer2005
Not exactly sure where to find them. But i have a clue or something to get you started in the right direction. If you have a specified user. Go under that user, and go into your C: drive. Under this you are either looking for cookies, temp files, or somthing of the sort. I hope this helps

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