What’s the best way to market a yard sale?

Question by Sierra C: What’s the best way to market a yard sale?
I’m starting school in January and I have some things that I want to sale. A desktop computer(paid $ 500) and a Proform treadmill(paid $ 600). Also a couple of televisions, manga, storage containers, DVDs, and stools. What is the best way to market these things. I really just want to sell the treadmill. How much is a reasonable price to sale it for? Come January, it will be a year old. I was thinking of making flyers and posting them around or either putting it in the paper. I live in a small, but growing, town so I don’t know if they will bite.

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Answer by jade_143
Making flyers/sign and putting a classified ad in the paper usually works. I would say try putting up an ad on Craigslist,but you live in a small town. It doesn’t hurt to try though. Good luck.

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