What’s the best tools to plan software development (web application)?

Question by hey hey hey: What’s the best tools to plan software development (web application)?

I’m not a programmer by any means, but I have a vision for a web application.

In short, the web application I want to develop is very similar to a YellowPages online directory (but the end result will have a different purpose).

So far, what I’ve been doing is making mockups in Photoshop and using Mind Maps to ‘sketch’ out my ideas, but it’s hard to keep this information organized.

Are there any tools for Mac or PC that can help me with the flow of getting my ideas out, so that when I hand the project to developers, it’s easy for them to understand?

Again, I’m not a programmer, and the software doesn’t have to be highly technical.


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Answer by Nigel
The best way to capture how a system actually functions is probably UML, and use that along with your mockups and mind maps to capture the user interface.

Sounds like you’ve done a very important part of the task already.

There are a few free tools for UML but I can’t recommend any as I use a commercial one, Agilian, and my team needed 4 days of training for us to understand UML enough to use the tool, lol!

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