What You Should Know About Google OS

What You Should Know About Google OS

What You Should Know About Google OS

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Home Page > Computers > Software > What You Should Know About Google OS

What You Should Know About Google OS

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Posted: Nov 12, 2010 |Comments: 0


There were a lot of rumors that Google was developing a brand new operating system. At first many people considered that all these rumors were confusing and were in fact referring to Android, which is Google’s free mobile system. Google has confirmed, however, that in late ’10 they will indeed launch a desktop operating system designed for netbooks called Google OS. Can Google OS signal the end of Microsoft’s real stranglehold over the desktop?

Google OS will be based on Linux technology and created from the ground up to operate the firm’s already well-liked Chrome web browser on netbooks. Google Chrome OS will rely heavily on internet-based programs and cloud computing. People will access web applications and will store most of their data on the cloud.

Microsoft presently claims that more than 95% of netbooks run Windows XP. Windows XP is now over 8 years old. If Microsoft can’t develop a suitable user experience for netbook computers with Windows 7, Google OS could easily start eating into Microsoft’s share of the netbook computer market.

The paradox is actually that Microsoft has previously done enough things to end their own monopoly that the search engine firm really cannot beat. The way people use technology is undergoing some fundamental changes these days, and Microsoft has done a poor job of predicting this change or providing a forward thinking product to address it. As users move a lot towards portable gadgets, it’s clear that Microsoft doesn’t have any real mobile strategy. Windows Mobile has also performed quite poorly in the market. Whilst Microsoft does have a tremendous market share within the netbook arena, it’s a market portion under tremendous pressure from Apple’s iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone as well as the rapid growth of Android based products.

As for the desktop, Apple’s Mac and Linux have eaten into Microsoft’s market share. The spectacular disappointment of Windows Vista provided many folks a reason to move to Mac or even other platforms. Microsoft’s stronghold nowadays is in the enterprise, where Windows work stations and servers continue to rule. Open source continues to create inroads in the business market, nevertheless, and Microsoft is under remarkable pressure in the server market from Linux based products.

While Chrome OS is an interesting foray into the operating system world for Google, it’s hardly a watershed moment in the demise of Windows. Microsoft has previously done a great job of eroding their monopoly by missing out emerging trends such as the rapid adoption of portable gadgets. Even so, Chrome will nevertheless be another blow to Microsoft as it eats into their market share of the netbook market. The actual risk to Microsoft would be if business people began to see the benefit of cloud based computing.

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