What will it take to get a job in web application development?

Question by Scott P: What will it take to get a job in web application development?
I am currently a pretty solid front end website developer. I am strong in CSS, XHTML, and using Javascript and have written some small scripts of my own.

I understand programming and have played with both PHP and ASP.NET 2.0. I understand most of the fundamentals of programming… control structures, OOP (Classes, Objects are an instance of a Class). I have understand relational databases and how they function including how multi dimension databases work.

I can go into most code and tweak it to change basic pieces of it.

What I don’t have is specific web application experience. I want to take the ASP.NET application route instead of alternative technologies like PHP.

What do you recommend I add to my skill set so that I can successfully enter this field in a corporate position. Should I develop 1-3 websites using the technology? Should I go get a second bachelors degree in computer science? I am looking for the quickest way to get in the door.


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Answer by Jake C
I don’t think you need anything more that what you have. Generally as a web developer the front end things won’t be much use to your everyday job. Put your resume out there and be open to all offers. I don’t really understand what degree you have but if you don’t have a bachelor’s in a computer field like computer science then definitely get that to get your foot in the door. Most companies absolutely will not consider you without a bachelor in the computer field. If you do go to school to get it, try to get a internship/Coop to gain valuable experience even though you won’t be making a ton of money the experience you get more than makes up for it, plus if you can find one near your school most companies don’t mind having interns year round.

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