What is Web Application Development?

What is Web Application Development?

What is Web Application Development?

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Home Page > Internet > Web Design > What is Web Application Development?

What is Web Application Development?

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Posted: Jan 06, 2011 |Comments: 0


Web application development involves developing computer applications to make operations easier and solve tasks effortlessly. Web applications can be anything. They can be applications used to mark attendance everyday in an organization. They can be applications meant for calculating compensation of employees, including the leaves they take. They can be a piece of software coded to make an existing one easy to use. Development means writing software code, and congregating everything and compiling the same results in the proper development of a web application.

In simple terms, web application development can be spoken of as writing software code to meet the demands made by the client for an application. Once an application has been requested for to meet a particular demand, the service provider does some math to estimate the kind of software code required to create that application. The team of developers working on that assignment is briefed and told about the language on which the code has to be scripted. Work begins with some fresh code being written and tested at every step. The application, even whilst being coded is monitored thoroughly by the manager. This is to check whether it turns out exactly as per needs or has variations that are uncalled for.   

Developing web applications is not an easy process. Depending on its size, it may take days; weeks, months and even years at times to code web applications and make them produce desirable results. There are situations when web application development is only possible when the team of developers work on multiple programming languages concurrently, and then assimilate all the software code together to run the application.

Web application can also be talked about in mere terms of coding. Once the idea and requirement is forwarded, the onus of strategizing and conceptualizing lies in the hands of the chief developer and his team who sit down to script all the software code. They develop the application from top to bottom. They handle all stages, from strategizing to conceptualization and execution to last minute changes. Once the coding is over, the software code which might be running into thousands of pages is assimilated methodically and put together. It is given a dry run to see whether the end result is desirable or leaves a lot to be desired.

The next stage of web application development post coding is testing. The software once coded is tested well. It is put through various levels of testing where all the loopholes and anomalies in it are covered. The stages it goes through polish it to such an extent that it becomes flawless and is deemed perfect for usage whilst being shipped to the end user.

Web applications are scripted on popular software programming languages such as C++, Java, .NET etc. At times, all of these are used concurrently depending on the requirement. The tandem usage ensures the code gets assimilated together afterwards and is put together to form the application that was initially requested for.

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