What is the easiest way to remote desktop?

Question by John Peniel: What is the easiest way to remote desktop?
I’m sick of all these so called remote desktop programs and stuff that never work. Can ANYONE AT ALL please tell me how to connect to a remote desktop? I need to connect to a computer in MO from my computer here in KY. Both are running Windows Vista. I do not want anything that costs money to buy because none of them that I tried so far even work like they advertise.

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Answer by Frank ‘Grimey’ Grimes
Windows Remote Desktop doesn’t work?

You may need to make sure it’s enabled on both PCs and the firewall allows it to connect. If the one you are trying to connect to is behind a router, you will need to enable port forwarding.

I use UltraVNC to connect to remote clients. Fast and simple. Port forwarding will need to be enabled also if behind a router.


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