What is Remote Desktop Software?

What is Remote Desktop Software?

What is Remote Desktop Software?

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Home Page > Technology > What is Remote Desktop Software?

What is Remote Desktop Software?

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Posted: Jan 04, 2010 |Comments: 0




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What is Remote Desktop Software?

By: MFrizzi

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This article was written by Michael Spooner on behalf of Proxy Networks. He recommends you consider Proxy Networks for all your, PC Remote Access, Remote Access, and Remote Desktop Software needs.

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What is Remote Desktop Software?

Remote desktop software, also known as remote control or remote access software, is software that allows a user’s computer to be remotely accessed and controlled by another user on a separate computer.  This allows for any individual in the world to immediately take virtual control of any given system that is running this type of software. The person who is accessing the computer in question will see an exact representation of that system on their desktop, and will be able to make the same changes that the owner of that computer would be able to make. The person whose computer is being controlled will be able to see exactly what is being done to their system, as all the mouse movements of the person in control will be plainly visible on their screen.

One of the main benefits of remote desktop software is that it greatly eases the process of providing technical support. Rather than attempting to talk a user through the process of troubleshooting and repairing their computer issue, a technical support specialist can instead simply take control of the computer in question and address the issues directly. Leveraging remote desktop software in the tech support environment can significantly decrease call time and repeat calls. Additionally, customer satisfaction is generally higher in these instances, because customers feel as though they truly received expert support.

Beyond tech support, there are many other useful applications of remote desktop software. Some choose to use these programs to create data servers. By running this software on a dedicated computer, users can store files securely and use the software to access them from any computer and any location in the world. Others use these programs as video surveillance tools. With a home computer running remote desktop software along with an activated webcam, the user may monitor all activity that the webcam sees from any location in the world. This can be useful for home security purposes, or simply for keeping an eye on the family pet.

Although there is generally some concern about security risks when using these types of programs, these concerns are, for the most part, without merit. Merely installing these programs on a system will in no way impact any security measures that may be in place. While there may be some risks involved in using freeware programs to manage remote access; professional products in this sector run without any risk of security breach. A malicious takeover of a computer via remote desktop software is very unlikely due to the fact that unique passwords and permission from both ends are required in order to make a connection. Simply leaving the software turned off will eliminate this already minimal security risk.

With the potential benefits so considerable and the security risks being almost non-existent, more and more individuals and businesses are leveraging remote desktop software every single day. In what ways could remote desktop software

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