what is meant by web based application testing?

Question by cssen: what is meant by web based application testing?

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Answer by knvb1123
Web Based Application: Apps online that you use everyday. One common example would be the Yahoo Mail (BETA). Another example could be Yahoo Maps. But the most common one would be the shopping cart or payment feature on a shopping site. These apps are mostly created by ASP, PHP, CGI, PERL, Phython, AJAX, MANY MANY MORE.

And testing would be the the beta or developing version. A big example is the Yahoo Mail Beta. Right now, yahoo is testing their emailing app long enough so that it will become stable from all the feedback they get. They are contantly changing and developing the program. As users, us, we provide feedback and things that Yahoo can do to make Yahoo Mail Beta better. That’s what would be “Web Based App Testing”


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