what is good remote desktop software for free?

Question by Aidan Toniolo: what is good remote desktop software for free?
i need a remote desktop application for school. if i forget stuff on my computer at home and need a way to access it from school. i dont mind downloading something on my computer at home but i cant download anything on the school computer.

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Answer by Ben Leeds
i have the same problem. This executable has a “run” option that doesn’t require installing anything at all!

Using it right:
Install Team Viewer on your computer.
Go to extras -> options -> general. Then check start teamviewer with windows
then click on the security tab (on the left side of the options window) and set a user defined password!
click OK!
now write down the ID you see on the left in “waiting for session” in notepad or save as a contact in your cell phone.

Now this works on gmail, idk about other emails.
write new mail to yourself.
Attach the exe (teamViewer_Setup.exe) and the notepad file and then save as a draft!

if that doesnt work i will put it on my website for all to download at baleeds.com/downloads/tv.exe

then use the Run function at school to bypass the inability to install programs and access your own computer! It has built in file share also!

REMEMBER: your computer has to be on and tv must be running in your system tray for this to work.

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