what is good package for web application development..?

Question by rajendra: what is good package for web application development..?
I am comfortable with with JavaSevlets and Jsp.. Is it good for actual development( in terms of afforts(cost, time) and size of team) .. Or me should go for other technologies(like DotNET ,PHP or other).. Please tell what are the technologies which are being concert as the robust one

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Answer by pluraldon
Well, the answer to your question is ‘it depends’. There are many great choices for web application development. If you are looking to become a contractor or employee in a company here are the technologies typically used. I work for a Fortune 100 company and will respond based on that.

By far the single most popular development done for small to medium size businesses is using PHP. It is a great language to know if you are trying to find work for small, medium and some large websites. However, large companies my tend to shy away from PHP due to support and licensing. For example, my company does not allow PHP in the Enterprise.

If you are looking to work for a large consulting firm then learning Java/J2EE or .NET would be great. Large corporations favor environments like these because of the support, tools and enterprise robustness.

Given that there is a rise of new web technology such as Python that is growing but not adopted widely yet.

Frankly, there are many great choices, but if you choose PHP, .NET or Java/J2EE you should be in great shape for the future.

I hope that helps!

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