What is better for small business desktop or laptop?

Question by starlightrap: What is better for small business desktop or laptop?
Our desktop is crashing (memory issue??) it’s time to buy a new one anyway. We have a business and use Quickbooks. Only one other computer (a laptop) is used with the business and it is not networked to the main computer in the office. It would be nice to network the two but not totally necessary Do we replace the tower, (our monitor-flat screen and keyboard are great)? What Dell tower would be best? OR Would a laptop do the job? What program is used to network two computers? So many options and so little knowledge? I appreciate any help?

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Answer by John
How old is the PC that is crashing? If it was purchased in the last 3-4 years, you might be able to just add some memory and defragment/clean up the hard drive. Do you have a local PC repair resource who could take a look?

If you do require a new computer, will you benefit from the mobility of a laptop or will it just be used in the office? If you can benefit from the mobility of a laptop, then that would be the way to go. However, if you will only use it at the office, a tower might be a cheaper alternative.

Consumer Reports is a good resource for picking a new PC. As for networking, you’ll at least want each computer to be able to connect to the internet and a wireless network is the easiest one to deploy. (see link below)

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