What entry-level job can I get with a computer science degree that has nothing to do with programming?

Question by Katie: What entry-level job can I get with a computer science degree that has nothing to do with programming?
I decided to be a computer scientist a long time ago when I wasn’t really thinking straight.

I love computers, and I love figuring out servers, administration, security, etc… but I HATE programming. and I am HORRIBLE at it!

I want to be a network administrator (design, installing, maintaining LAN’s or WAN’s) but I’ve heard they are, for the most part, self-taught and CSUF doesn’t offer a major/concentration in this area. I don’t think I would be a good game designer, either…. the concentrations I can choose from are here: http://cs.fullerton.edu/BSTracks.aspx#BSIETrack
I was just going to take the internet track

I’m already a junior and don’t want to change majors..

——-> What job do you think I should shoot for, right out of graduation from CSUF, with a computer science degree that is not a programming job?

class I will have taken:
* CPSC 120 (Introduction to Programming)
* CPSC 121 (Programming Concepts)
* CPSC 131 (Data Structures Concepts)
* CPSC 223 (Object-Oriented Programming Language)
* CPSC 240 (Computer Organization and Assembly Language)
* CPSC 253U or 254 (UNIX or Open Source Systems)
* CPSC 311 (Technical Writing for Computer Science)
* CPSC 315 (Social and Ethical Issues in Computing)
* CPSC 323 (Programming Languages and Translation)
* CPSC 332 (File Structures and Database Systems)
* CPSC 335 (Problem Solving Strategies)
* CPSC 351 (Operating Systems Concepts)
* CPSC 362 (Foundations of Software Engineering)
* CPSC 440 (Computer System Architecture)
* CPSC 471 (Computer Communications)
* CPSC 481 (Artificial Intelligence)
* CPSC 431 (Database and Applications)
* CPSC 473 (Web Programming and Data Management)
* CPSC 474 (Distributed Computing using Web Service and .NET Remoting)
* CPSC 476 (Java Enterprise Application Development)

ah! What do I do?!

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Answer by Will
Yeah, I’m in the same boat. Can build computers, set up a network, troubleshoot, but for the life of me can’t write a simple program. I joined the army, which you could do as an officer with your degree, but I wouldn’t recommend that. You have your certs right? like CCNA A+ N+ security+ etc? I’ve heard network admin for a primary school (k-12) is a pretty chill gig and pays like 50k a year. Or you could be a fluffer. I imagine that pays well.

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