what do i do its a college email i received, its going to be my 1st time going to college?

Question by Macario P: what do i do its a college email i received, its going to be my 1st time going to college?
Welcome to Contra Costa College

Thank you for applying to Contra Costa College to continue your education. Your application has been accepted and will be uploaded into or student system within two business days. NOTE: Applications submitted after 3:00pm on Friday thru 3:00 pm on Monday will not be uploaded until Monday at 3:00pm.

If you are a returning student or have previously attended another college, you are encouraged to talk to a counselor about your current educational goals or plans. If would like to register without meeting with a counselor you may register by telephone (866) 455-8734 or via web www.contracosta.edu/webadvisor.

If you are a new student, never attended college – it is required that you participate in the matriculation process; orientation, assessment, and advisement. After completing the matriculation steps, you will then be able to enroll by telephone or via web.

If you are K-12 student – it is required that you submit a Concurrent Enrollment Form. You retrieve the form via web: www.contracosta.edu (click on admissions, how to apply and enroll, and concurrent enrollment form).

Enrollment Information

How to access Web Advisor to register – In order to search or register for course(s) you can access Web Advisor by: www.contracosta.edu click on web advisor, click log-in and enter your user name & Password (6 digit date of birth). Note: you will be prompted to choose a new password.

How to retrieve Username & Password: click on web advisor and click- what user ID help, then click what is my user ID . Your password is your 6-digit DOB.

How to view your assigned date of registration – You will only be allowed to register for courses on or after the date and time assign to you for registration. You can access your date by logging into web advisor – from the menu options, click priority registration date.

Late Registration Period

Once the semester term starts- you must attend class in order to receive a late request form. Without a late request form you cannot sign-up for a course via web/phone

NOTE: you can sign-up for a short-term course(s) via phone or web (check schedule).

Contact Information:

Register via web: www.contracosta.edu

Register via phone: (925) 370 – 9000 or (866) 455-TREG (8734)

Counseling Office (510) 235 -7800 ext 4255

Admissions Office (510) 235-7800 ext 4212

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Answer by Belie
…Okay? What don’t you understand about the e-mail you received? It says right there what you need to do:
If you’ve already attended college before then talk to a counselor.
If you’ve never been to college before then you need to go to orientation first.
If you’re taking these classes at the college while still going to K-12 school then go to the website they give you.

It’s not rocket science.

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