What Causes Vulnerabilities In Web Application Development ? How To Fix?

What Causes Vulnerabilities In Web Application Development ? How To Fix?

What Causes Vulnerabilities In Web Application Development – How To Fix?

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Home Page > Internet > Web Design > What Causes Vulnerabilities In Web Application Development – How To Fix?

What Causes Vulnerabilities In Web Application Development – How To Fix?

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Posted: Jun 04, 2009 |Comments: 0



Along with taking assessment of security related issues in the cycle of web application development, developers must integrate a part of tasks to identify and mend the application related vulnerabilities. The remediation process is not a specific task, rather it should be adopted as a cycle of necessary steps.

In the process of vulnerability remediation, quality assurance testers, web developers, auditors, and security issues managers join and work in sync to ensure eradicate application vulnerabilities from the process of web development. When you prepare a complete report on web application security, you may have long list of security related pitfalls to address and fix – which would include various types of low level, medium and high level of application vulnerabilities, configuration blunder and some other mistakes including business-logic pertaining errors which are potent to raise security risk.

The first step of vulnerability remediation process in a web application development has to commence with categorizing those errors and vulnerabilities and setting priority as per the vitality of those issues that are required to be fixed. There are two types of vulnerabilities – which can be configuration errors and development errors. While web application development related vulnerabilities typify those errors which rise in the process of conceptualization and stages of coding of the application. These kinds of vulnerabilities reside with the code or else in the workflow.

Custom website development professionals need to think carefully about these vulnerabilities to come up with right remedies. Another set of vulnerabilities, configuration errors refer errors which prompts system settings to change and shut off the services be changed, services to be shut off. People who should be responsible for addressing these kinds of vulnerabilities can be either infrastructure managers or application developers. On the occurrence of such errors, web application development professionals need to give first priority to business logic related vulnerabilities for the assessment. They start with most crucial and potential negative effects of those errors on your organisation and proceed with other vulnerabilities according to the risks or impacts on the business.

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