What are all in one computers?

Question by Mohammed: What are all in one computers?
Hi i have put away money for a new computer, and i need one that has at least 2.6 ghz processor with alot of memory. i noticed that there are touch screen comps and those are cool, but i need 2 know if these all in one comps hav evrything and i dont need to buy anything else. if any1 has any great ideas which type of desktop computers i can buy please let me know 🙂 i need a fast and reliable comp 😀 thx

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Answer by Optimus_Prime
All-in-one are computers that don’t have the tower otherwise known as motherboard. It is instead linked with the screen. So it should be very slim computer that functions both as thetower and a monitor. No need to buy a tower or a monitor as it comes in 1. Usually these computers are touch screen, and comes with a wireless mouse and keyboard. They can range about 1000-2200$ since you don’t have to buy two separate parts. Hope this helped.

An example is Hp TouchSmart All-in-one.

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