Web Transaction Monitor ? a New Web Application Monitoring Tool for Businesses Concerned About Positive User Experience


Web Transaction Monitor recorder

Novosibirsk, Russia (PRWEB) May 25, 2010

IPHostMonitor Inc, has announced today the availability of a new tool for performance and availability monitoring of web shops and other web applications – Web Transaction Monitor (WTM). The tool allows end-to-end monitoring of web applications and e-commerce sites such as Internet shops, by simulating the steps of real user activity so the tool constantly monitors real user experience and enables businesses to ensure that an online shop or enterprise web application performs well. The tool notifies you if performance becomes unacceptable from the end user point of view.

Have sudden dips in online sales? They can be caused by poor web shop performance. Most customers do not complain about inadequate performance, they just do not buy. Quite often the monitoring of individual web pages is insufficient or even impossible, for example the final page of a checkout process cannot be monitored separately without previously going through all the preceding pages. Web Transaction Monitor is a solution for Internet shops and other Internet/intranet web applications for which user experience is important. Virtually any sequence of web forms and pages required to fulfill a business web transaction can be recorded and monitored using Web Transaction Monitor. The tool alerts interested parties when a problem arises so lack of alerts from Web Transaction Monitor ensures positive experience for e-commerce site visitors or web application users.

Business web transaction monitoring is vital not only for web shops and e-commerce sites. Now many companies of different sizes often use productivity web applications in the day-to-day business operations, their performance and availability have a significant impact on staff productivity. Even a small outage can lead to substantial losses so businesses should do their best to avoid outages or to minimize negative impacts by a timely reaction to the problems.

IPHost Network Monitor helps to identify performance problems at an early stage. Two performance thresholds can be set, a warning and a problem level so you will be notified at an early stage of performance degradation. To avoid false alarms, the number of consecutive threshold violations can be set. A monitored web application is considered down (not available) when the web transaction check takes longer than the down state threshold. An additional setting is used for issues escalation, IPHost Network Monitor alerts interested persons when a monitored web application is not available for an extended period of time.

For each page in a web transaction WTM can check whether a specified text string appears or does not appear on the page, for example, you can check if the user name appears on the page to be sure that the login was correct. The Replay function provides the ability to visually check that web transaction recording goes flawlessly and the resulting monitor will work correctly. This function is extremely helpful when you have been notified about performance or availability problems with your application; replaying the same request sequence in the recorder helps you to understand which steps are OK and which are not as well as to validate the fixes you might have made to restore the operability of your application.

The IPHost Network Monitor alerting system is extensive and flexible, it supports alerting by email, instant messengers (Jabber, Google Talk, ICQ, AOL), SMS over email, audio and visual alerts, also the system can be set to execute a program or run a script over SSH (on the monitoring server or on a remote computer), or to manage the network equipment using the SNMP SET command. The latest addition is SMS via GSM modem/phone alert that significantly increases notification delivery reliability.

About IPHost Network Monitor

IPHost Network Monitor is a cost-effective, easy-to-use network, server and application monitoring tool specifically designed for small- and medium-sized businesses with up to several hundred monitored devices and systems. With IPHost Network Monitor you can monitor both Windows and Unix based networks, various servers and network equipment, availability and performance characteristics of web and other applications. The advanced alerting system provides timely notifications using several means such as e-mail, SMS, and instant messengers; the system is also able to execute correcting actions locally or remotely via SSH. Reporting and graphs are available through a web interface.

Pricing and Availability

IPHost Network Monitor is designed for Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 and Server 2003/2008. The 30-day trial version with the full set of features limited to 20 monitors can be downloaded at http://www.iphostmonitor.com/iphostmonitor.exe. The program prices start at USD for the license allowing 50 monitors and a limited set of features, the Professional edition with the full set of features and an unlimited number of monitors is priced at USD 9. Each license includes the Maintenance&Support contract for one year for free. The Web Transaction Monitor add-on is available in 5-monitor packs priced at 9, the option with an unlimited number of monitors of this type is priced at 9.