Web performance monitoring

Web performance monitoring

Web performance monitoring

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Web performance monitoring

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Posted: Nov 16, 2010 |Comments: 0


Looking for best web performance services at Affordable cost? Dotcom-Monitor® works to keep you informed about your web site’s availability, performance and content – that means your web sites and applications keep running, and are more profitable.

Website performance monitoring is frequently mistaken for website monitoring. In fact, web site performance is just one of the more ordinary factors that numerous companies monitor. Uptime/downtime statistics are only part of the data that good external monitoring tool collects for you. Another important metric that should be collected is performance of the site, how long it takes the server to respond and deliver pages or process forms.

As Dotcom-Monitor, monitors your website and record performance data about each page and make that data available through real-time online reports.

Dotcom-Monitor works to keep you informed about your web site’s availability, performance and content – that means your web sites and applications keep running, and are more profitable.

How does our web site monitoring work?

Dotcom-Monitor® has remote agents positioned around the globe that act like an Internet browser. Once you create an account with us and submit URLs you would like to monitor, the process starts immediately. Our agents will start checking your site with the frequency that you’ve set up. The agents monitor your web site to insure the web site is accessible, has proper content, and is maintaining good performance. If any of these things fall outside specified parameters, the notification process will start.


Accessibility & Availability Check

Web Site Accessibility Monitoring insures that your web site is accessible from multiple locations around the world. If the web site is not accessible, we take a trace route snapshot and record it along with an error message.

Performance Check

Web Site Performance Monitoring checks the time it takes for your server to respond to the monitoring agent’s request.

Form Submission

Web Site Form Monitoring allows you to insure that your forms work correctly. Specifically, Dotcom-Monitor® performs HTTP POST requests and analyzes the results.

Secure Sites

Web Site Security Monitoring allows you to monitor password-protected sites.

Client Digital Certificate

If you have applications that require a client-side certificate as an authentication mechanism, Dotcom-Monitor® can install your certificate on the monitoring agent to allow monitoring of your secure site.

Cookie Support

Cookies are a general mechanism by which server-side connections can both store and retrieve information on the client side of the connection. The addition of a simple, persistent, client-side state significantly extends the capabilities of Web-based client/server applications. Dotcom-Monitor® agents provide complete cookie support.

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