Web Performance, Inc. Releases New Application Designed To Cut Performance Testing By Weeks


Durham, NC (PRWEB) November 21, 2005 –-

Web Performance, Inc. (WPI) announces the latest version of its Web Performance Trainer™ with Application State Management™ software, designed to shave weeks off performance testing cycle for even the most complicated websites.

Web Performance Trainer™ is the only product in its class that can automatically handle most complicated web-application designs. The product can reduce testing time by days or weeks, and save companies thousands of dollars in gained productivity.

Modern web development frameworks like Struts can generate very complicated HTML pages with dynamic variables, multiple forwards, and complicated hidden variable schemes. Testers using a manual script-based system must reverse engineer a framework, then write or modify a series of complicated scripts by hand.

By contrast, Application State Management parses a recorded test case, analyzes how the application works, and automatically configures the complicated parsers and data formatters required to do a performance test. This technique works particularly well on web applications written using Microsoft’s .NET framework, which stores application state inside a hidden ‘VIEWSTATE’ variable. Web Performance Trainer is even designed to handle complicated cases using dynamic variable names where form values and field names change with each virtual user, or when user states are embedded in long complicated URL paths.

“Application State Management allows parsing of [hundreds of] dynamic variables, such as html elements, calculation engines and hidden variables,” writes software architect Vladimir Ivanov, Ph. D. of Filogix Inc., a leading Canadian mortgage servicing company. “This is an extremely important and useful capability that drastically reduces time for stress test preparation and their execution.”

About Web Performance

Web Performance, Inc. is the creator of industry-leading Web Performance TrainerTM and Web Performance Analyzer web load and stress testing software. Clients include: Airbus, BlueCross BlueShield, Deutche Bank, eBay, France Telecom, Goodwill Industries, General Dynamics, Lufthansa, Motorola, Paypal, Polaroid, Toyota, Wells Fargo and Xerox, along with U.S., France, and Canadian governments, state and local governments and numerous universities. For more information visit www.webperformanceinc.com