Web hosting, combining different technologies?

Question by jposguy: Web hosting, combining different technologies?
I have a general question about webserving technology: Can I have a web application that combines PHP and any one of FrontPage apps, lets say on one site.. or on one page?

Would this be parsed/evaluated one after another?
Can they share variables/ share data in memory?
If they are eval’d sequentially, what if they conflict, setTitle(this).. then setTitle(that)..?

I am looking at this site: http://www.ipower.com/ipower/web-hosting/unix-compare-plans.bml

which has both FrontPage and PHP interfaces.. I am looking to find out whether or not I can develop in C# (lets say).

Thank you, I appreciate your help/time! I am looking for a high-level/white paper answer, thank you.

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Answer by just “JR”
Php is a programming language. You write it using a plain text editor… and experience.
Frontpage is a framework (an IDE) that allows NON-programmers to write crappy code.
C# is a programming language for creating not-necessarely web-based programs.
The first is for the web.
The second, (written mostly in Php), is totally useless if you know Php.
The third is mostly for non-web applications.
What is it to compare?

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