Web Application Testing And The Need For It

Web Application Testing And The Need For It

Web Application Testing And The Need For It

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Web Application Testing And The Need For It

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Posted: Apr 14, 2010 |Comments: 0


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Changes to Web site software or hardware, no matter how minor, can impact web site performance in unexpected ways and lead to frustrated end-users. Test Perspective, with its intuitive script recorder and easy-to-use portal, is designed for everyday use as an integral part of your software and hardware upgrade process. Test Perspective empowers you to:

• Check the performance of your popular Web site pages when changes occur to proactively identify slowdowns or bottlenecks.

• Make informed go/no-go decisions on releasing modifications to your Web site through targeted, ondemand testing.

• Reduce the risk of poor performance leading to lost revenue for your business.

Reasons are many to test a web application. Load testing is basically done in order to test the behavior of an application from a normal to an extreme condition with peak loads. Virtualised users are created around it first to test the application behavior and slowly the number of the vitrual users are increased to identify the performance at different levels of working of the web application’s capabilities when subjected to extreme conditions. You will come across the threshold limit for your application’s performance with application performance testing.

Realistic needs of testing web applications

• Outside-the-firewall testing for your entire Web application infrastructure

• Performance measurements of your site from various locations around the world

• Validation that your e-business infrastructure can handle the expected traffic

Scheduling and planning Conveniency

• Quick provisioning, unlimited user accounts, on-demand scheduling

• Ability to ramp up to the load levels you want

• Easy-to-use script recorder and portal

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About the Author:

Keynote Systems – Testing Web Applications and Website Monitoring Services. Test precise behavior patterns from actual browsers and accurately predict performance problems under the most realistic conditions.

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